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The Village

It Takes a Village
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This community is for Moms who need a place to commune. We are SAHMs, WAHMs and working Mothers. We are single Moms, we are married, or partnered. As different as our lives may be, we are still all Mothers, and we need a helpful, supportive place to voice our concerns on our lives. We all need help, and it seems that society has deemed it that we must do it all by ourselves.

I created this community after I had a bout of really bad depression. I felt so alone, and isolated. I am a stay at home Mom, and really needed other Moms to talk to. Because only other Mothers can truly understand. I wanted to build a safe place for us to commune, to get together and just talk. I also hope that Mom's who live close together can have meet ups and outings. I think that this community will help, but seeing other Moms in person can help even more.

This comment from f1ymetothemoon really hit home, and right after that, I created this community.

"It's society. I swear it is. Mamas are just so alone nowadays, expected to deal with all sorts of stress without complaints. We need closeness, we need community, we need help. I believe humans are meant to be tribal or communal, and not living that way naturally, hurts us."

So, here you are. I have moderated membership to keep out the trolls. This is definently not a place for that. We are here to feel secure, so if you are a troll, or are just looking to start something, move on.

Now, for a few common sense rules.

1. Post whatever you want, whether it be happy or sad. Post about your life, stress, whatever. And pictures are always welcome, but please be friendly, and put them behind a cut.

2. I will NOT tolerate in any way, any type of flaming. We have enough stress as it is, without adding the internet to that. We are here for each other. I will tolerate a friendly debate or discussion, but that's it. Any flaming, and there are no warnings, you get an immediate boot.

3. Please try to refrain from using profanity, unless it is absolutely called for. But you are not to call anyone in here any names. That will get you an immediate boot.

4. Please lock your posts. I'd like to keep this a tight community.
These rules are in place to keep this a safe place. They may change at any time, and probably will as the need arises.

At this time, we are only allowing Mothers and pregnant women in. If a Father can show good reason why he needs to be here, we will consider it.

You're friendly neighborhood moderators are:

ranty_mcmoo and f1ymetothemoon

You can email ranty_mcmoo at ranty_mcmoo@livejournal.com